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Feng Shui for Rat- Year 2017

2017 Astrological Predictions for People Born in the Year of the Rat

Your sign is the year of the rat if you were born on 2008,1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924 or 1912.

2017 is a year of the red fire rooster.  Astrologers predict that, this year, rat natives will enjoy increase ambition, confidence, and productivity, which will lead to success at work.  People born under the sign of the rat are generally assertive, hard-working, and lucky and are good at managing work responsibilities and achieving success in business, but 2017 is seen to be a particularly lucky and successful year for rat natives.

This year, many rat born will finally see recognition for their long years of industriousness; that could take the form of a promotion at work.  For rat natives born in 1972, who will be turning 45 this year, 2017 will be a good year for making the major life change you were planning on making, such as changing careers or starting your own business.  The following symbols can help you make the most of your good luck and opportunities this year.

Wind Horse Luck:  This year, you should keep your eyes open for new opportunities.  You are also advised to carry the wind horse with you for good luck.

Your external Life Force and Inner Spirit Essence keep you feeling solid, confident and prepared to undertake the universe. A robust Lung Ta plays a part in the year’s accomplishment. Progress comes efficiently and on a day-to-day basis, function and human relationships are incredibly pleasant. Actually, it might be difficult to find any better year so that you can achieve everything you desire. Victories abound with the help of a solid Lung Ta (Wind Horse) strength, offering success fortune, security and balance. This is a waste materials never to take fullest good thing about this amazing phenomenon. To help expand invoke the energy of the Wind Horse, a Windhorse Keychain for attractiveness and Victory or Windhorse Having Gold Ingots Keychain symbol over summer and winter to activate strong strength and energy.


Overall wealth and fortune for Rat sign looks promising.  Avoid dangerous investments and steer clear of conflicts with others, that could derail work, reason delays preventing highly auspicious riches luck from selecting you. Take the Wealth Charm for Attracting Money Luck or display the Pack Choi in the SE sector .Predicitons warn you not to waste too much money on the finer things in life this year. You may be earning more money because of your extra hard work. But you still need to make sure that you have enough for the necessities. Preserve your income and assets for a rainy day.  


The Chinese horoscope 2017 Rat forecasts suggest that this year your energy levels will fluctuate as will your emotional levels. You are likely to have energy ups and down. You are also more likely to act more emotional when you usually wouldn’t. As well as just generally being more in touch with your emotions. Make sure that you keep a balanced diet during the year and exercise when your energy hits its high points. Watch your health carefully during the summer. Make sure that you eat right and drink a lot of buttermilk and coconut water. Avoid germs that could make you ill.  Wear the Red Bracelet or Red jade Bracelet. 

The very best health fortune takes place for the 21, 57 and 81-year older Rat. The 45-year-older Rat enjoys modest health, as the 9, 33 or 69-time good old Rat must be careful against condition by getting ultimately more sleep, preventing stress and enjoying what they take in. To enhance health good luck, display a Wulou in the Northwest sector to subdue the illness star #2 during 2017.


The 2017 Chinese predictions foretell that in this Year of the Red Fire Rooster it is likely that the Rats or Mouse will feel more ambitious. You will want to get more done at work and keep a closer eye on your bank account. You are likely to work harder this year to get what you think that you deserve, whatever that may be. Use your rising social skills to your advantage this year. Schmooze to your bosses and make friends with your co-workers.


Feminine Rats also look and feel a good vibrancy and self-assurance which can help them found in love, however the #7 Superstar found in the Southwest sector may present problems. Consequently, the male Rat bathes in the focus of potential companions, as the Female could possibly be set for disappointment and even infidelity this season.  Carry the Fox Infidelity Amulet against the 3rd party interference. The Peach Blossom Star in this feng shui Year of the Fire Rooster will deliver romance and marriage luck for some. Of special curiosity this Rooster Year is the reality that the pet good friend of the Rat indication may be the Rooster. To intensify this love strength, display a Rooster figurine to entice brand-new love or retain ongoing human relationships from being vulnerable to outdoors influences that might lead to someone to stray.

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