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Feng Shui for Rat- Year 2015

1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008

Direction N2 (172.5 to 7.5) 

conflict animal: Horse

Life Force (Physical Strength) BAD

Spirit Essence (Inner Strength)  BAD

Windhorse (Success Luck)   NEUTRAL

The Rat Zodiac mainly consists of Water, while the year 2015 is going to be a Wooden Sheep year. It is going to be a decent year for RAT people but they may face some problems along the way. If you are a RAT Zodiac and want to find out what type of year you are going to have, then check out the 2015 forecast for the RAT zodiac. However, don't hold yourself back from your own goals as what can hold you back is yourself this year. Don't doubt your self-confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities to accomplish success. This is your year to grab your opportunities and fulfill your dreams and projects.

According to the 24 Mountains star the Wu Duo Star is located near the Rat this year. However, you won't need to worry, because it is located between two other very Auspicious stars, this will not cause any loss of Wealth this year, on the contrary.
So can enhance the Two Auspicious stars to bring you good beginnings by using the  Big Auspicious Fortune Mirror and  the White Elephant Carrying Jewels. 

However, you will need to pay attention to the Wudou Star anyways. For this, you may carry the Tree of Life pendant or place the Guru Rinpoche. These are perfect cures to appease the Wu Dou star.

Your windhorse energy might be low this year, for this, you should place a Windhorse carrying Jewels Figurines to increase your weakened Lung Ta. Also carry the WindHorse Carrying Jewels keychain on the go.

You will experience low motivation or low self-esteem during this year, this is because your personal life force will not be in the best condition. This is why you will need to undertake good activities for the mind and body to bring you extra motivation and will-power to accomplish your objectives and overcome any obstacles. Wear the Increase Life Force Medallion - Lung Ta Amulet

You will need to carry items made of crystal for motivation like Natural Stone Bracelets, Crystal KeychainsDZI bracelets.


In terms of career, the RAT Zodiac can expect to have an average year, which is mainly due to their tendency to get drawn into unnecessary arguments with their coworkers. You will have to work on your work relationships with your coworkers and your boss in order to advance in your career. You will have face lots of job pressures in 2015, which will be carried over from an average year of 2014. However, if you can manage to spend your time and energy on your performance, then you do have good chances in terms of career growth. 


The coming year of 2015 is not going to be a great one in terms of money for RAT people, which is because your career aspirations may take a hit in the year. You will have to brace yourself for hard times and be patient with extra income, while concentration is needed in order to grow in your career. You will have to work hard and avoid any lavish spending in the 

year 2015, so it would be wise to start saving up for a hard financial year in 2015. Enhance your wealth-luck by placing an Arrowana.

You may have to spend extra money due to certain events that are out of your hands. RAT people are most likely to spend money on car repair, robbery, bad investments, medicine or being cheated. Therefore you should look to save as much as you can and spend money wisely the following year.

Make sure your money is used wisely this year. Place the Star of David with Ingots to enhance this point, carry the Bejewed Power of 8 Keychain, or the Mystick knot key chain on the go.
Some other cures to care for your money luck and spending is the Liuli Mystic Knot to be hung by your entrance or car.


The year 2015 is going to be a better one for RAT people in terms of love and relationships. Even if rats during the year will not feel anxious to find love, there is a big chance that single male and female RAT people will have great chances of falling in love. If you are married then you are going to be happy and content with your partner throughout the year. However, pay attention to your behavior and expressions as you can hurt your partner with your actions, which may have an impact on your love and relationship. If you're going through issue in your marriage, don't give up to easily and work for your relationship.

You should avoid any confrontation with your loved one and try not to create disputes in order to achieve lasting love and a happy relationship in the year 2015.

The Double Happiness BirdsDouble Happiness Keychain & Charm are perfect to enhance your love-luck even more. Also, the Dragon & Phoenix Bell to keep on a Strong Marriage & the Gardenia   Incense to diminish discussions and arguments.


The year 2015 looks to be a decent one in terms of health for RAT people, but there is a Pressure Star in the year, which suggests a work related stress that may impact on your health. You need to get plenty of rest in the year and pay particular attention to your bladder, kidney and cardiovascular system in the coming year.

Visit our Health catalog for any cures to care for your health and enhance your health luck! 

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