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Bathroom Cures

Feng Shui Bathroom Cures you can Implement in a day!


Before we start, you do need to know how important your bathroom and its location actually is.
The main energetic issue in your bathroom involves the drains, this is where chi is lost if the drain issue is not taken care of. You can cover your drains in different ways to prevent this, once you cover them, you can help retain energy in the house, and in your life. So start applying your Feng Shui bathroom cures and get it done in a day!
Where is your bathroom located?
Depending on its location, you need to enhance or subdue certain elements, take a look:
· Feng Shui a Bathroom in the SouthWest (Love & Marriage area)-
Strengthen the Earth Element. Fire is also good in this area; consider painting a small portion of the bathroom in a color that represents fire, such as orange, purples or reds. You can also strengthen this element by usually placing candles or by lighting scents.
· Feng Shui a Bathroom in the West & Northwest.
In this case you need to strengthen the Metal element, by subduing the Water element. Consider painting in sandy colors. Avoid blacks and blues. Do place circular figures or mirrors.
· Feng Shui a Bathroom in the Wealth Area
Strengthen Wood, Water and Earth. Paint in brown, green, blue, black, sandy or light beige. You can decorate with simple wealth symbols. Crystals like Amethyst, quartz and others. For the Wood element place 8 Bamboo Stalks. You can also place certain plants to energize the green.
Find all the Feng Shui cures you need for your bathroom below:
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