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Quick Inspirational Ideas - feng shui monthly zodiac forecasts

February Monthly Zodiac Forecasts 2017

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Feng Shui Monthly Zodiac Forecasts for 2017- February

What's your highlight this February? Catch your fortune every month!

february feng shui monthly forecasts 2017

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the Rat Sign:

Rat singles will have a lucky month of February, while married Rats need to be a bit more careful. 
Use the NEW Rose Quartz Heart Bracelet to balance your love matters.

Use Rose Quartz to balance your emotions and find other cures for your Love Sector and activate your luck!

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the OX Sign:

Trust your Heavenly Guidance, as well as advice from good friends and family to advance in your career!
Attract this with the Heavenly Star Charm and by activating your Feng Shui Mentors and Helpful people sector.

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the TIGER Sign:

Don't let anger and negative feelings control you this month, remember that everything turns back around. 

Control arguments in the family and workplace to avoid losses. Carry the Eagle Key Chain  and cure Star 3 to control arguments and legal issues.

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the RABBIT Sign:

Rabbits, this February don't let others get to you, especially in the work place. Watch out for jealousy and protect yourself from others' negative vibes.

Use the Obsidian Bracelet to absorb negative energy and quickly transform it. Other obsidian stone cures available.

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the DRAGON Sign:

It's time to make friends and search for the loved one you've been waiting for! Don't hide away and go out more this month.

Attract your soul mate and balance emotions using the Rose Quartz Heart Bracelet. Use other Rose Quartz stone cures or elements to spice up your love life. 

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the SNAKE Sign:

February is the your Career luck month! You may get that promotion you've been waiting for, but don't ever lose your focus or efficiency. Carry the Monkey on Horse key chain for promotion luck. Also activate your Career sector and Flying Star 1 for Victory and Success. 

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the HORSE Sign:

Horse, this February, take care of your job and finances. You may face some difficulties so protect your assets!

Carry the Nambu Coin for Wealth Preservation.

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the SHEEP Sign:

February is a good month for you and your luck is turning up. Activate this luck by attracting more wealth this month. Carry the Wealth and Success Amulet and wait for great chances of career and financial development.

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the MONKEY Sign:

Work towards your career advancement this month, you will get good results from it! Your luck is great this month and your relationship with co-workers are peaceful. Carry the Pagoda for Career and Wealth luck to activate this fortune during February.

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the DOG Sign:

Dog, this February try to take things slowly and patiently. Even if you encounter issues with your career, everything will come with time. Wear the Bracelet for Career Advancement and activate your career luck.

Feng Shui February Monthly Forecast for the BOAR Sign:

Don't try anything too new this month, especially with investments and money matters. Stick to your original plans so that no unexpected difficulties appear. Wear the Purple Pi Yao bracelet for Protection and Wealth

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