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Quick Inspirational Ideas

Feng Shui Flying Stars 2016 Chart

Flying stars chart for 2016.

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Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast Chart

Look for the year you were born and find out what your Zodiac Animal is!2017 is the year of the FIRE ROOSTER,read your horoscope to find out what the New Year has in stock for you!READ YOUR 2017 ZODIAC FORECAST

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2 Steps to Activate your Entrance Quickly

Feng Shui your entrance in just 2 easy steps.by Unique Feng ShuiAccording to Feng Shui masters, the entrance is the "mouth of Chi" or the energetic center of your home. It often times works as an "energy filter", so when correctly activated with positive symbols, cures and colors, you will be able to enjoy positive [...]

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How to be Embraced by the Four Celestial Animals

                              Be Embraced by the Four Celestial Animals                  Every home in the world is being watched over the Four Celestial Animals, they are the guardians of your spaces and each takes care of a certain area in [...]

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3 Incense Fragrances to keep you Awake at Work

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay awake when a long day of work is ahead. Doing a good job does depend on how awake or attentive you’re being. Even though there are a lot of ways to use traditional medicine to stay awake, there are other “healthier” ways to stay awake, this is where aromatherapy comes in, the powerful aroma which derives [...]

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4 Ways to Avoid Gossip from Affecting you at your workplace

Gossip could be a real problem if it happens constantly in your workplace, and this could definitely affect the energy you handle when you’re taking care of your work. If there is a lot of envy going on, this created stagnant energy and the working atmosphere can be affected as well as your personal energy.If you want to achieve [...]

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How to: Block bad vibes from Straight Roads

A road which seems to be coming straight at your home or the building you live in is one of the most basic sources of bad Chi. This should be taken care of urgently, especially if you have fast traffic coming towards you, this is definitely harmful.                 You will be able to [...]

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The 4 Incredible Uses for the Feng Shui Pagoda

The pagoda is an ancient architecture that first started in Asia, usually, the Pagodas are used as a place of worship, they have religious functions. Actually, the word Pagoda, [...]

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3 Feng Shui Entrance tips you don't want to miss

Entryways and hallways should have powerful yang energy, which will play a very important role in bringing good fortune into the house. Keep these areas bright and uncluttered at all times.While all entrances should be kept uncluttered and easily accessible, the front or main door is of particular importance and should be focused on. 1. Let it flow and [...]

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How to Deal with Unfriendly Neighbors

Sometimes were lucky to have neighbors that within a short time, they become our friends. But sometimes, we're not that fortunate and we do have to live next to negative or envious people. Negative energies coming from our neighbors can sometimes affect our home's energies, especially if our neighbors are loud, rude, or just plain negative. Our [...]

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