Salt Cleansing under Bed and Corners
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Salt Cleansing for many uses.

Salt Cleansing the Bedroom or Living Room

TIP: Place small bowls with Cleansing Sea Salt under your bed and corners behind heavy furniture, this will help to keep the area clear. Remove the sea salt every one or two months and replace it with fresh one. After removed, you may also keep corners away stagnant energy by ringing a Tibetan bell.

Salt Cleansing for Space Clearing:

Sprinkle a bit around the periphery of each room, paying particular attention to the corners, where stagnant energy tend to accumulate. Leave the salt in place for at least 24 hours before removing it so that it has enough time to fully absorb and cleanse the energy. A bit of salt can be left in the corners over time to act as an energy booster.

Salt Cleansing for the Kitchen

Take a damp cloth and press it on the Sea Salt. Begin wiping all the surfaces. Include any appliances, cupboards, floor and sink. Visualize the stagnant energy being drawn away while you purify the area. Cleanse the area once a year, as this is where most of the unfavorable energies are stuck as this is where the families' meals are prepared everyday. The energies generated here can be easily transfered to all family members.

Keep in mind

Never eat the salt that has been used in a space clearing ceremony... Dispose of it by putting it down a drain and running cold water until it has left the plumbing system. Clearing Salt sold in bags of 1/2 lb.

Sea Salt Cleansing is very effective for spaces dedicated to emotional healing. It contributes to feelings of balance and integrity.

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Salt Cleansing under Bed and Corners

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