Heaven Luck Activator Amulet
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This is the Heaven Luck Activator to activate blessings, good health and good fortune from the heaven. The image of Yu Huang Dadi is on one side and longevity sign surrounded by 12 Chinese zodiac signs and fortune bats are on the reverse side. One Chinese word Tien which means heaven is also attached to this amulet. 

Yu Huang Dadi is the Great Imperial Jade Emperor who is in charge of the heaven. Fortune bats on the reverse side of the image of Yu Huang Dadi are the animal that can bring good fortune. Chinese zodiac signs have the meanings of good luck and harmony. 

The length of the Heaven Luck Activator Amulet is approx. 5 1/2" x 2". The amulet itself is made out of brass.


Heaven Luck Activator Amulet

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