Double Happiness Symbol Charm
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It is the amulet to enhance love chance and attract true love. 

The Double Happiness symbol symbolizes strong and eternal spiritual and physical love between your romantic partner and you. It is a symbol used for bringing conjugal and marital bliss to life. It is supposed to bring a double dose of happiness to all around it. 

If you look at it closely, you can make out the image of two people walking arm in arm.  The long horizontal line in the center represents the arms.  The two "boxes" at the bottom of the kanji are the two sets of legs of the couple.  The two "boxes" in the middle of the Chinese character are the heads of the couple.  And, on top of each head is a "hat."

This Chinese character "Double Happiness it conveys the idea that man and woman are meant to go through life together.  

Our bronze double happiness sign, beautifuly bejeweled with rose shining crystals and metal tassel, is an excellent feng shui energizer for Love.

The round shape represents harmony and re-union. Carry the double happiness amulet with you or display in the SW sector of Love and relationship.

The double happiness amulet is made out of brass.

Measure 1.75 in diameter - 4 in Long


Double Happiness Symbol Charm

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